Tumor Story

On January 28th, 2014, I found out that I have a brain tumor. I will call it what it is. It is present. It is there. It is real. I do not know if it is benign or malignant (as of now). Most questions do not have answers. I went in for a routine ENT doctor appointment and discovered this.


My name is Maloree Hamel and I am a cardiovascular intensive care nurse in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I also lead the young adult ministry at my local church. My parents pastor a Wesleyan church out in western Kansas. I am 25 years old and was diagnosed with a very large skull base inoperable tumor at the beginning of February. I have recently been at MD Anderson for a little over a week. On Thursday, February 19th, I got the best news I could have received that my tumor is benign. The very large tumor in my skull base is called a Prolactinoma Tumor. It’s a pituitary tumor based in the prolactin cells. Our prolactin level should normally be 20 and mine was over 55,000! They will put me on a medication (Cabergoline) for life that will treat the tumor and help it to shrink. I will still have follow ups with my doctors at MD Anderson every 3-4 months with routine lab work and MRIs to make sure it shrinks. As of now, no biopsy or surgery is needed! God receives all the glory and praise!

Currently, I do not physically feel any different than I have in the past. I still get what I thought was sinus headaches, the congestion, watery eyes, and being really tired. I think being tired just stems from everything that has been going on.

The Lord is good and continues to provide rest. He continues to be faithful in every part of this journey. I continue to praise God for the prayers and support of all of YOU. It simply blows me away how good HE is in providing when we least expect it.

I talked to my doctor’s nurse from MD Anderson, and I will have a follow-up lab draw here in Tulsa in a couple of weeks. And as long as everything continues to go well, I will head to MD Anderson in about 6 months to meet with my doctors and to assess improvement of tumor.

This is only part of my story… to hear more go to: CaringBridge

2014-02-23 22.25.28

This is my medicine, Cabergoline. I take half a pill twice a week.



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