I Asked a Group of Leaders…

I asked a group of leaders within the church body who have been a part of young adult ministries either in the past or currently the following…


I know this may not be the most ideal way to communicate (or maybe it is), but I wanted to gather wisdom from each of you on young adult ministry (particularly the ages right after college to about 30 years old). I know that most of you have been in ministry for a good length of time working with adults and youth. That is why I asked you for guidance and wisdom.

There is a gap in our society from the age right after you graduate college to the age you begin to establish family & commitment to a career & long term goals (now I am not saying that every 22-30 year old fits into this category as some may already have families, but you get the picture).

It is an age group where time is precious, commitment is hard, and life seems to be about adventure & growth. So how do we engage this age group in today’s church?

I am a part of a fairly large church in Oklahoma now where I live and have been involved for about 2 years there. Through the Lord’s great encouragement & faithfulness, I just recently had the opportunity to lead a community group (Bible study, small group, whatever you may call it). We have only been going for about 3 weeks, but the Lord really has been blessing the people who have been coming. With this I say, there are about 6 young adult aka young professional groups within our church that are focused just on people who have just finished up college, maybe getting their masters, starting careers, etc. However, in the larger picture there is a disconnect between the group as a whole and the few community groups within the church. What I mean by that is there are maybe 50 young adults who are a part of one of these community groups and yet there are probably 1000 young adults who are actually connected to the church some way or some how.


The Lord has laid these young adults on my heart and I know that there is a greater purpose for them and there live. A purpose to challenge them, deeper there faith in God, and build community with one another. I have been asked by one of the fellow leaders in the church to help be a part of what God is doing and they have asked me… How do we connect these young adults together…

So my question to you all (sorry for the long introduction)…

How do we engage or connect these young adults into an atmosphere that can bring them together in way that may establish community, accountability, and challenge there faith to grow?

What are things that you have done in ministry that may have connected you to a specific group of young adults?

How do you engage such a large group to come together in community?

Since time is such a precious commodity, how do you connect young professionals?

What type of advice can you share with me that can help encourage & provide wisdom into this area?

I highly respect and trust each of you and I hope that you may share a little jewel of your knowledge to help further the kingdom of God!

Thank you so much for reading this and taking the time to share your hearts! It truly is a blessing to me to have each of you in my life. I look up to you all as leaders in the church and knowledge givers of the faith!

As I have asked those whom I respect, I open this up to my fellow readers… How would you answer these questions? What are your thoughts on young adults/professionals/20-30s?

“Look after each other so that none of you fails to receive the grace of God.” -Hebrews 12:15b NLT